Welcome to SADA


WELCOME TO SADA, The School of Art Design and Architecture at National University of Sciences and Technology. SADA was initiated through the launch of Bachelor of Architecture – a professional degree program. The first batch of architectural students was inducted in 2010 after intensive preparation with respect to curriculum development and faculty hiring. In 2013 the school introduced a Bachelor of Industrial Design program. Both program offer design-based learning, therefore making studio pedagogy an essence of these initiatives. Students are encouraged towards independent thinking, iterative design process and a holistic outcome. Design studio is seen as the main vehicle in developing cognitive, conceptual and the technical skills of the students. The jury system in vogue for grading is through external examiners. These are open juries which provide access to the work of all semesters. This type of system gives the student strength and courage in explaining his/her concepts, and designs to committees as well as clients. The five-year professional architectural program and four-year Industrial Design Program provide a progressive and incremental sequence of design study and application. Studio courses at SADA also comprise of the theory component which facilitates the integration of knowledge in practice-oriented assignments.​​​​