The main objective of establishing M. Arch program at SADA, NUST is to provide the opportunity of advance learning in the field of Architecture design.
Program will be based on advanced Architecture design studios; it will help produce highly trained professional in architectural field along with competent and skilled faculty for an increasing number of Architecture schools in Pakistan. Program will facilitate further research in the field of Architecture and design pedagogy.
This program can help bridge research, academia, and practice by active participation in research and development projects.
These Architects trained in advanced Architecture design will be a valuable addition to the skilled professionals of building industry. This will be valuable for the future growth and development of the profession

The program will address key environmental and design issues and provide specialization opportunities to students in their field of interest.
The vision of the program is to produce professionals, who have planning and design skills to handle projects at variable scales, encompassing multiple scopes, considering the challenges of contemporary times. Our goal is to produce designers who are sensitive to context, with holistic understanding of design, giving process driven solutions with the end goal in mind, along with a keen eye on the technological side and natural resource management aspect of projects .