About Us Principal’s MESSAGE

Principal’s MESSAGE

It is with great pleasure that I step into my role as the Principal of the NUST School of Art, Design & Architecture. I am dedicated to preserving the legacy of SADA while innovating for the future and so as we move forward, it is my vision to bring focus to certain key aspects. These being:

  1. re-incarnation of our programs via a renewed, practice-based approach towards the training of both students and faculty.
  2. rigorous self-assessment, through both self-reflection but also the feedback of our alumni and engagement of our industrial and academic partners.
  3. fostering excellence in knowledge, through the integration of research activities and practice-based training across all years.
  4. promoting self-sufficiency, via the commercialization of our human and infrastructural resources.
  5. ensuring providence in all our initiatives and day-to-day operations to conserve and productively utilize the institute’s resources.

Most importantly, it is our aim to foster the capacity of our students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level to not only operate as practitioners but also thinkers, policymakers, and activists for social change.

At SADA-NUST, we view our relationship with the local and international, architectural, industrial design, and academic fraternity as invaluable. Your engagement and contributions have significantly enriched our school thus far, and we are committed to building upon this precedent. Maintaining the participation of all stakeholders is crucial for us and we remain open to collaborations at both personal and institutional levels.

I extend an open invitation to each one of you to visit our school and witness the transformative journey that SADA is on. We eagerly await your contributions, feedback, and ideas. Let us continue this journey together, creating a vibrant and collaborative community that thrives on the shared passion for art, design, and architecture.