About Us Principal’s MESSAGE

Principal’s MESSAGE

The direction of the school is consistent with that of other well known schools, while recognizing its own social, and economic context. The schools is context driven, while recognizing potent International influences.

Students do well in local and International Design competitions and secure places of merit and have received wide acclaim for some projects. More than hundred patents have been awarded to the students of the Industrial Design Program.

Focus of both programs is on design thinking, school has taken onus of this as it recognizes it as an important element of development of student skills competencies resulting in enabling the student to perform better and become a useful member of society.

Increasingly faculty has secured places in fully funded Phd programs in European countries who would help in contributing towards development of the school.

SADA is now a leading design school in the country producing Architects and Industrial Designers.

In the future SADA will be looking towards Master Program within architecture and Industrial Design, as a sound base has been developed for further consolidating the school as a major Design School in the country.​